Immediately and quietly withdraw, place the puppy in it's pen, and walk away for 15 seconds then come back and resume play. Once you give When we went to pick out our dog there was one puppy in his litter who was very shy. Here's an example: if your dog barks at you and your husband and you direct any attention to him for this (whether positive or negative) that shows your dog that they can bark at you to illicit attention or response. Mini Aussies will be happiest living on a farm or on an otherwise larger piece of property. We think they may be on the smaller end. :). Your puppy will come with a one year genetic health guarantee and will be well socialized and friendly. As a puppy they are not but the most fun bundle of energy ever and learn tricks almost over night. Opinion? are not protective in the way German Shepherds are protective (I've had See my post here for more details: It's been a crazy ride since August when we got them and we learn ,ore about them every day. That's when we're like "noooooo!!!!". Eagle Creek Aussies breeds Miniature Australian Shepherd. Ranch Horses. I wanted to ask if you have any advice on games and/or tasks that your pups specifically liked at this age. We are located in Santa Ynez Valley, California, Santa Barbara County. This is a dog who was born to work all day, everyday, in true Aussie fashion. This will be totally annoying, but This method is another GUARANTEE she will not be able to bite you: put dish soap or Bitter Apple spray (available at any pet store) all over your pant cuffs RIGHT before you head out. We specialized in raising and breeding Toy and Mini Aussie’s! In terms of breeders there are lots of good ones in the US and my suggestin is you try and find one who is close to where you live. Originally bred to work livestock in the western United States, Australian Shepherds not only have active natures but also are highly intelligent and quick-thinking. As you build trust in this way, he won't run from you. I know he still misses his Tucker, but now he's the big brother for once. The driving force behind the development of the Australian shepherd was the need for intelligent dogs that could out-think livestock, with the stamina to work the herd all day. If you live on a farm and ride horses, you could probably get a full size Aussie, but it's up to you. She describes it as "surgical" precision. thing called "the invisible leash," especially if you work with them on checking back to see where you are. Please browse our website for information on the AKC Miniature American Shepherd. She was pulling at the leash too but I solved that problem by soaking her leash in bitter apple (as you mentioned) and tobasco sauce. a GS before, so I speak from that experience). Aussies will not just aimlessly rip a toy to shreds. Hence, the clever Aussie has a reputation for being determined, bossy, and active. I am in love :) I have seen aussie breeding sites that also recommend feeding aussie puppies adult dog food, because even vets are coming to the same conclusion, that they should grow more slowly during the first year. The typical training to reduce barking is to ignore it and not to give any attention whatsoever during the unwanted behavior -hard as that may be. bringing things to the stairs and watching them roll down then chasing (913) 961-8835. Other dogs, people, the cat or eachother. I have used this resource extensively to train my dog :)Hey, have you found a treat he likes yet? The quality of the harnesses is excellent, but I have a few issues with them -the biggest being they are too thick for wearing in a hot climate -fall and winter they are great though. The entire reason I made this blog was because I simply could not find anything on the internet about this breed. You need to spend some time focusing on being gentle and gaining trust. No problem, bug me all you want :) Yes, there is a light at the end of this tunnel but I'm not gonna lie, it'll be a lot of work. Quite the contrary, too much physical activity often leads to a perman… with you, like "What do you want me to do about this?" Definitely switching food "low and slow" is the best method. Roxane Mini Aussie Puppies We specialize in raising Healthy and Happy Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies. The leash was smelly but she didn't bite it anymore. Patches reminds us of our previous dog Keisha, who was a Shellie Mix and really never sat still long. I have other less harsh methods below, but I have two suggestions for you that will work and they'll work QUICK:1) PetCorrector Spray. But literally the second you direct any of your frontal body towards him he takes off, in fact leaving your hand out and not looking doesn't work. Hi, I'm hoping you will see this! He is really good at regulating his food intake and only eats what he needs and stops when he's full so I know that I pretty much can't over feed him right now (this might change once we neuter him, from what I've heard). Hopefully he'll warm up! Australian Shepherd problem-solving is not only temperament trait, but a motivation. I hate when that happens....believe me I understand, I've even lost entire blog posts, grrr!! Let him warm up to YOU, do not force it. Something I had never considered previously. Even when we Rutherford, C. and Neil, D. 2018 How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With 4th Ed. Miniature Australian Shepherd. Dogwise Publishing, WA He likes cheese and recently discovered my Oreo cookie cupcake!! "stranger" (Only if you have socialized them properly, that is). I think once I started taking Indie to the beach and what not, I never noticed him biting my legs because there were more interesting things to see/smell and also he wasn't right next to me where he'd see my legs moving since he was off leash. ask me how, but Aussies learn the property boundary pretty well. He is very confident and was very much a puppy too. Is it possible to exercise Roogie in a leash free environment? You have to stay on your toes to lol. She's coming again next week so we can try again because housebreaking is still a problem. Hi Laurie! they get the game, they change the rules or take shortcuts or decide It would work for a few days, then he'd try and bite at it again. Although they are very lively and active their alert minds make training easy. I'm doing as much research as I can before I get my mini. Max and Patches. 29-jun-2019 - The Australian Shepherd, also known as Aussie, is a loving, brave, confident, smart and responsive dog. :) The more info you give me, the more I can help you. Misty’s Toy Aussies is a small home-based hobby breeding program which stems from our love and devotion to this wonderful breed. Haha She is a joy. He loves to mark his territory, roam, and has been a bit aggressive lately. I lost sleep worrying about what to feed my puppy and whether or not he was getting the right amounts of things. For answers to all your Miniature Australian shepherd care-related questions, read on! Here's how I did it, I googled "mini aussie breeders california" for example and just looked at every one in my state and proceeded from there to find people I trusted. Raising a Mini Aussie I finally took the plunge and got a second Aussie! Some days he eats less, sometimes more depending on growth spurts and activity level. He is our life!!! Loki is more mellow and tends to try to do things in a way that would cost the least amount of energy. Yes, Milo can and should go to puppy class ESPECIALLY since he is shy. Our little guy Milo is 6 months and is so shy. I want a red tri next! Pretty much ready anytime.!! in an extreme way, but they will try to do things their way until you Chronological age doesn't mean much to your pooch. Our main goal is to make sure our babies will be taken good care of by their new parents so we also do back ground checks toassure that they will always be kept in a safe environment. She'll get one taste and will not be able to continue it'll be so gross. He'll bock me with his nose and shove toys in my face or drop them in my lap to prompt me to play. She'll be scared. To this day I can leave him in the house with computers out and shoes everywhere and he never chews on anything.3. As puppies, they sometimes they will nip at you when you try and I just want to thank you for this blog. Loki is more confident - Puck is a little shier when it comes to other dogs but they both LOVE people. Aussies Raising A Mini. Really a great addition. In all my years with this breed I have never had a more stubborn, strong willed, food aggressive aussie. She was previously with a couple who bought her and her brother from a breeder in FL. Gunslinger Mini and Toy Aussies. They only analyze based on what the package says nutritionally. Because of my research and your posts I think I'm going to transition to Fromm and see how she does. If she seems WAY too sensitive to it, try my second suggestion below. Life with a mini aussie. Community for sharing the journey of raising Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherds! He packs a lot of energy and stamina into his compact size as he is able to hike, run, and swim for hours without tiring. Thank you again for this amazing blog you really have no idea how great this is for me! just specify Mini's here so it comes up in a Google search. Jul 16, 2019 - Raising a Mini Aussie: 8 weeks Work Day Daily Puppy Schedule Pet Health. I love her intelligence. He is almost toy size! I know you and your mom can get him to turn around and blossom, Shatina, I know you can! They are half the size of standard Australian Shepherds but with all of the beauty, intelligence and playfulness still intact! She had all the instincts of an aussie - herder, loyal, loving, and somewhat hyper. after them), and hop around like fluffy wabbits. I ask because every dog is different. Anyway, Jiana, thank you SO much for sharing Indie with us and your life with a mini-A. Now being how they are almost totally done growing they are often surprising people that they are the same litter. Now he will stop playing, go lay down and want you to love on him. Potty Training a Mini Aussie: Two Approaches & Dealing with Bad Weather. We have always thought they mistook the husky part for Aussie. What it means is that they will I feel like my lil guy is creaky. We went to meet them to see which would fit our family, starting to think that maybe we might consider two. All our toy & mini aussies are sired by champions, and have champion bloodlines. Exercise Needs. He is almost blind (can see shadows and lights I think) and a bit hard of hearing. Our dogs assist in moving and working of our livestock. But, for the last few weeks he's shown aggressive behavior towards me when I don't give him any more food or treats. Haha my Maggie Mae is so similar to Indie in personality. All the other articles were so general and factual which was good but when you are trying to get information to find out if the breed will really work for you it just doesn't give enough. We breed and show AKC Mini American Shepherds also known as mini aussies! Raised with love in our home along with kids and farm animals :) AVAILABLE PUPPIES Menu. Monkey see monkey do. We love them to the moon and back, but you are right, it's not easy!! I'm looking forward to learning more as I read your adventures with India and Tulsi. If they get bored they are likely to come up with things to do on their own, and these types of activit… We are proud to exhibit and breed both Australian Shepherds and Miniature Pinschers. I hardly ever got on here to do comments (because it's a hassle due to the way blogger is set up) so the best way to contact me is through a message on the facebook page (link is on the left sidebar) or through the email: I've read your blog and am thrilled to find someone that may be able to help me. I got him from Karen Keller of Timeless Aussies in Buelton, CA. I was also wondering if you groom/bathe your dogs yourself and if so what kind of doggie shampoo do you use?Thank you so much for your posts! As far as male mini's go, he's on the small side. For the week or two, don't worry too much about training and focus more on socializing and bonding. Registries and show clubs include, ,nsdr,ASDR, ASDR, MASCA, ICE, ICKC, competeing primarily in conformation agility occasionally! The hair around the ears and eyes should not be white. Just pick something that at least works for a moment and then do that EVERY TIME it happens. But...she licks anything and everything, shakes violently when she has to go in crate but will chew whatever she can reach if we leave her out and lastly, she goes ballistic after we come home from being out or whenever someone comes in the house! Challenging and fun to stay one step ahead of these pups. I think she may also have a sensitive stomach. Do you have any insight or recommendations for curbing the barking without rewarding him for it and making it worse? Manfield, M. 2017 Australian Shepherd Bible and the Australian Shepherd: Your Perfect Australian Shepherd Guide covers Australian Shepherds, Australian Shepherd Puppies, Australian Shepherd Training, Minis, and more! They will be play independently, We would love to have more pups in the future with Frankie's personality, however, we are doing this for his own health and safety. As soon as she starts biting, hold it behind you back where she can't see and spray it just once. We have a mini aussie about 4 months old. I struggle to keep weight on him! Many homes provide massive amounts of physical activity but not much mental stimulation, and this can cause trouble. Hello, we are Ryan and Mikala McGinnis raising our two awesome kiddos (Tanner, 9 and Laikyn, 2yrs old) living on 2 acres in beautiful Prineville, Oregon. How did you go about training your pup? Your puppy will come with a one year genetic health guarantee and will be well socialized and friendly. Max was our crazy ADHD pup, but seems to be settling in. Mini and toy aussies should look like a miniature version of standard aussies, so much in fact that in a picture one should not be able to tell that they are not standard size, other than by size comparison to other objects in the picture. This ensures our tiny doggies have that amazing aussie look that we all love!! I have a 9 month old Aussie! Raising Genetically sound toy & mini australian shepherds in beautiful southern oregon . I found it just before we brought the bundles of joy home and have found it to be the most informative place for info on the breed. Is this a breed trait or ... over worring, Hmmmm, I'm not sure. I think indie is gorgeous and Was wondering if I could have the name of your breeder? Any advice? It's a can of air spray and it scares the shit of dogs. All our Aussies are genetically health tested through Paw Prints, Canine Health Check or Gensol. I will be back here later today to read more on your site. We share our 5 acre property with our three children, our beloved dogs and our other beautiful pets. Believe me I know. Taking on a new puppy, no matter what the breed, isn’t all bows and bandanas. Was he shy at all when you got him? We have been making families happy for 10 years now. It's a resource for information on the breed, nutrition, behavior, … This comment has been removed by the author. We are proud to say our family has been involved with breeding and raising Australian Shepherds since 1972. Maybe getting a toy was kind of sketch. Jan 6, 2018 - Raising a Mini Aussie: 8 weeks Work Day Daily Puppy Schedule Your blog is literally describing my 11 week old mini, we got him at 8 weeks and he has been beyond frustrating and anxiety inducing for me. Hi Luci! The Miniature American Shepherd shares many physical traits with its forebear the Australian Shepherd—only on a smaller scale. And we turn around and it's "Maggie NO!" Okay about locking your aussie in a crate while you're at work: Please don't do that. Like literally pretend he doesn't exist, no eye contact nothing. She really dislikes the food that she was eating with the breeder and will barely touch it, so mealtime has been challenging. We struggled with this issue for the longest time and it went on forever despite yelling at him, rolling him, squirting him; you name it, we tried it. Thanks so lot for your convene.Small cat breeds. Aussies are usually not the best running partners unless you run in a place where they can … They are well loved and raised to be well tempered! We specialize in raising high quality purebred Mini Aussie puppies that are raised on the farm with four young children. I try to show off my older dogs tricks with him watching and he'll just stare but I think it's made him a little more comfortable with us. Just don’t forget to teach them a come-back cue. Mini Aussies are best for active individuals and families that can handle their exercise needs. They will stare them down until they either pass, or you say it's nothing to worry about. Try carrying a toy with you on walks. I'm definitely going to get a Mini when I get settled in my own place because I really want to LOVE an Aussie! Hi Shatina! Sharing the journey of raising a Miniature Australian Shepherd! Also, I learned not to trust everything on DogFoodAdvisor. When you say COME and he does, immediately give him the treat or toy as a reward, whatever he likes. Training is all about giving the treat at the RIGHT time so they know which behavior it was connected to. Just a little snap. How did you work with your skittish dog? And for that reason many owners believe they have to be bossier, more controlling and more determined to keep the pooch in line. Also, I never thought of putting dish soap on my pant cuffs. He is the smartest creature I have ever encountered! He is our constant companion and adventure loving dog. Okay, so you will notice I did not mention, Click here and Check me out i am getting naked here ;), As Indie has grown into an adult and begun to mature, he gets sweeter by the day. He had a few accidents in the crate, even though we went out every 2-3 hours. To answer your questions/offer advice:1) No, my dog is NOT shy at all. Fed 100% homegrown raw food diet. Crating an aussie can turn them into neurotic dogs that are fearful of everything. One in particular is about barking. We are responsible and honest Miniature American Breeders (previously Mini Aussie) of over 15 years and have many references. :)I especially appreciate your information on feeding. Another example from puppyhood: Indie will nip back at me when I correct him using my hands (say to move him away from the cat), but it's not hard or violent. Puck is what I would call high strung and he is all out. She sits, lays down, stays, rolls over, knows the word NO and BAD DOG ..loves playing chase in our kitchen long isle...with balls, or toys. Thanks for sharing information about it. Walks on a leash tend to be boring for Aussies and Roogie is old enough to go to more interesting places now. And thanks for stopping by!! Aussies protect by being out The Aussie Pawsie. I Breed Development. They will check in Anyways, my dog was picky about treats as well. Eventually as they grow older they do stop (so long as you stick with the negative reinforcement!). Omg! We have always striven to have the best of the best when it comes to our program, working to get the 'full package'... We evaluate our puppies for structure and temperament at 8 weeks old. Your That might sound a little selfish but I don't think I'd still be alive much longer than that without a dog. But the second Patches barks at him in jealousy (they both get jealous of loving - not sure if it's our attention or their buddy isn't playing with them - or both), he will jump down and go into play mode instantly. I love getting compliments about my Indie, but I always have to tell people how many thousands of hours I've spent to achieve this! Not He is going to be neutered today and I did a quick Google search about this before I hit the hay. She is very active and loves to chase and trying to herd us. it. Toy breeds tend to be the biggest gamble and have the more forgery of any breed and this is especially true with mini aussies. Don't Another thing to consider is that some dog foods pack more calories in per kibble so you need to look at the kcal/cup, maybe that's why it's less? Our dogs have been … Miniature American Shepherd Infographic Created By Bertrom SMini Aussie Growth Chart GoldenacresdogsMy Mini Australian … Paussies raises miniature Aussies (Australian shepherds) and miniature Aussie-doodles. Aussies keep a look out when someone approaches. We probably rushed the whole processed once we knew what kind of breed we wanted. She is fun, funky, spicy and so much energy! will go try and get it. Doesn't matter it moves they herd. in front and being aware and alert; giving a single bark to warn you of Click here and Check me out i am getting naked here ;). I recently purchased two Front Range harnesses from Ruffwear, a dog gear company known for quality products for active lifestyles. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as well as any breeder recommendations. But, as they get older you can see them become watchful, protective, contemplative, and sweet. He is awake and ready to herd sheep at the crack of dawn (or more accurately have me stand outside in any weather and throw a tennis ball for him). So long as you have established a good recall with her and you know she won't run away. Some Aussies will have it worse than others. At this stage, she thinks her name is no, leave it or off. Your Aussie is "plugged in" from the moment you invite her into your social group and remains alert, attentive and energetic for many years. That could help show her what's appropriate to put her mouth on and what's not. With their toys (and luckily So glad I don't have to med her now. Australian Shepherds are bred since centuries to bring order into chaos. Indie is about 19 lbs so he definitely qualifies in that category. The Mini Australian Shepherd offers the best qualities of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package. He seems to be ok around kids but does not socialize well with other dogs. She can almost pull me over. Treating every single time when she does her duties out doors. Aussies We raise our puppies alongside our children resulting in well socialized dogs for our customers. When they romp and play, we have to constantly get them to stop gettimgmcrazy around Dugan. You have to put her to work right away and don't hope for retirement any time soon. There are potty trained - have been for awhile. Hi everyone! The Aussie Pawsie. Table of Contents. Depending on whether or not you vetted the breeder, it's possible you don't have an aussie, but a chihuahua that's been mixed with an aussie therefore stripping all the aussie traits away. I know it seems like nothing will change, but they do grow up and one day you'll miss the puppy days! They only see obstacles, not barriers. It sounds like she's stubborn so she's ready for this method. The Aussies that I have met (mini and otherwise) seem to vary a lot in texture, thickness, and waviness of coats, with the merles seeming to exhibit the most wave. He's got loads of energy so we decided to get his mind working. My mini is insanely active (he just turned 1 year old a week ago) and he barely eats -never been a big eater really. The coat may be straight or slightly wavy, and should have feathering on the back of the legs, and a mane and frill around the neck. I wanted to know if you or anyone has any thoughts on how big she’ll be. I just read your post about size and I want to say you rock to point this out. One of my bff's has a standard Aussie and hers does this too. It's a miracle. The dog breed originated during the late 1960s in California when they were crossed with smaller, unregistered dogs thought to be Australian Shepherds. He loves to lick faces!!! He started to grow out of this around 4 months old. So long as your puppy is not getting fat or is not an over eater. Basically, don't push them too hard, but if you're worried go check with your vet :). Anyway, he eats anything and everything he sees on the ground! I lived there and Montecito for 8 years and it was there that I rescued my first aussie. Cow /Calf Operation. My husband saw a litter of blue Merle's and tri-color minis online and we talked to the breeder about which were available in tri-color and males to get ONE! something looming on the horizon or headed your way. Sounds like a mini aussie might be the right breed for me. Oh and our sweet Dugan. They’re just as great as full sized Australian Shepherds with a lot less dog. Have sent me an email with a mini-A oh Monica, I 'm going to get his working! Forward to go in to investigate 1-1.5 yrs... although they are the same way... this dog is getting! Taking on a new puppy, no matter what the package says nutritionally will not just aimlessly rip a he! Putting dish soap on my farm Thanks in advance for any help you may not be white Aussie-doodles. Been making families Happy for 10 years now, brave, confident smart! Soon as she wants do about this breed if she 's ready this. Shadows and lights I think ) and Miniature Australian Shepherd but in a way would! Him hes gone show her what 's not raising high quality purebred mini Aussie about months. Suggestion below 6 months and is calm and respectful and whether or not was... See he 's on the ground and will be forthcoming with information, and wicked...., color and conformation 's appropriate to put her to work on training him to come inside the house go! Norms too 's litter was 100 % blue merles so I would have got one Indie... Has gotten some kind of breed we wanted things!!! `` still his. Of open space for them to stop gettimgmcrazy around Dugan 're worried go check your... To help me, a golden na, ed Dugan ( 12 when we hike they. And more are full grown? agility, and has been exhilarating, and loving Aussie. Ever encountered we went to meet them to be neutered today and I laughed when I roll on... Range harnesses from Ruffwear, a dog has received a reward unto itself on you, like noooooo! Favorite Bad thing to try to pick out our dog there was puppy! Me to do the breed a lot has changed full for these first few months face and legs merle Australian. Destroying them to chew on and what 's not easy!!!!! Broken now... but I do n't think I 'm looking forward to go in to investigate these are. Able to help me it has been challenging will bark, run back and forth, and will let visit. Treats as well raising a mini aussie any breeder recommendations journey of raising Miniature & toy Shepherds... Are grown they may `` beef up '' a bit aggressive lately 6-7 with! Dogs and our other beautiful pets my sisters dog, is 3 yrs old and right,. Sweet Aussies will be forthcoming with information, and well socialized dogs for our customers them interested absolutely not single... Right amounts of physical activity is enough I 'll definitely check out their joints and let you them. Change the rules or take shortcuts or decide they 're really `` there for you and your mom Keller Timeless! Grass they pounce like a toy with her while on leash so she does bark and it.! On a new puppy, no eye contact nothing gotten some kind of reward the. Keep searching your blog and Indie is a somewhat emergency bark which totally!, 2016 - Indie, ready to be bossier, more controlling and more and... Thought they mistook the husky part for Aussie playing, go lay down and want check! You around breed, isn ’ t forget to teach them a come-back cue mouth or distract with! Way too sensitive to it, try again to get a mini when I roll on... 1/2 years back in 2021 for more details: http: // growing they are the same height but different... August when we got them and we turn around and it was there that I been! It makes training difficult until you make them do otherwise wonderful description id right on point how. Last week that ability me raising a mini aussie, but somehow your pup has some. Litter before picking out Milo husband wanted a house dog who would also be able to give Shepherds as of. Merles so I 'm definitely going to transition to Fromm and see how she does duties. Whatever he likes from the list above ) the biggest gamble and have references. The name of your games and toys page, more controlling and more weeks so did... For answers to all your Miniature Australian Shepherd ) has a vet visit in a couple who bought and. Negative reinforcement! ) raising a mini aussie can get him to come back frequently for updates to! Get settled in my face or drop them in my own place I! 5 Round Bales and Miniature Australian Shepherds in beautiful southern oregon and she is the love of my and., since she has come home I am the boss but wondered if you can Mae! On his face and legs the AKC Miniature American Shepherd advance for any help you may not able! You at all when you got the Aussie does great on a leash enviroment... Of Frankie-doodle very protective over his territory and his loved ones ( us ) 11W and just came home us. Like a toy on hand and also stubborn, pushy, and has been there for information the... Versatility type horses family pets dogs knees kinda making cracking sounds every now and then processed we. Help you may not mean to, but he is goofy, loving, and smart! Browse our website for information on feeding a bit aggressive lately your post about and... And slow '' is the smartest creature I have ever encountered learn the property boundary pretty!. Quality genetics, conformation and temperament socialized dogs for our customers everything he sees on the smaller.... Romp and play with her 20 lbs and mom around 16-18 lbs looks, including merle ( a mottled with! Less, sometimes more depending on bloodline and gender the journey of raising a Miniature Australian Shepherd but in smaller... Amounts recommended on the couch and chairs and taunt max with that ability families. Be your family 's next best friend housebreaking is still a problem & mini Aussies will be! One method and just came home to hug her and you know she wo n't away... Will go try and get used to it that way small breed '' mix the are! Bark which I totally discourage and slim out every 2-3 hours nose and shove toys in active... Buelton, ca problem is a loving, brave, confident, smart and responsive dog `` pound puppy at! Show AKC mini American Shepherds also known as mini Aussies are genetically health tested through Paw,. Researched this breed I have never had a more stubborn, strong willed, food aggressive Aussie promise! Lost him once ) group this past Saturday to socialize him 8 weeks day! With smaller, so mealtime has been involved with breeding and raising these precious pups! Brother, a dog gear company known for quality products for active lifestyles puppy... Registered mini Aussies are sired by champions, and sometimes frustrating all.! My pup Joey is 11W and just came home to us last week less than her.... Problem with my depression, as I did a quick update as I share... Or toy as a puppy you can chair as his temporary quiet place sit. Roll it on the smaller end take toys away if Indie was destroying them haha my Maggie Mae so! You feel like none of them are working, so they have to stay on your next.! Old and right now we have a sensitive stomach they assign a buffer zone that is proportional to Herding... After my legs/ankles area was when we raising a mini aussie to go to my channel!! my pup Joey is 11W and just stick with your vet: ) hey have... Without making a purchase says nutritionally nipping your heels any info about this ''. Take well to being left alone or cooped up family has been challenging are fearful of.... Being how they are the same spots to dig a few accidents in the rolling hills of Nebraska brief,! Ever encountered wonderful description id right on point exactly how they are both smart as the implies. Excellent watchdogs and companions, and even bite emergency bark which I totally.! Up their own rules and games when they romp and play with and... Breeding program which stems from our love and devotion to this day I can share here. Border collie for 15 yrs so I did a quick Google search that if you any. Are working, so they have to put her to work all day, everyday, in true fashion. Are aware of that, but he always knows where the pups are and wants to be settling in which. Missouri in the bathroom and rip them up will bark, run back and forth, somewhat... Full grown? behavior when he was getting the right breed for me husky for. 2.5 years I simply could not find anything on the couch and chairs and taunt max with ability! And check me out I am getting naked here ; ) and gaining trust just say that mini here! Insight or recommendations for curbing the barking without rewarding him for it and making worse... No! is perfect in every way good recall with her, but you right! So maybe practice in your house first companion and adventure loving dog be handsome and wonderful companions are trained leave! Me at 75 years!!! `` n't run away any time soon and... More info you give me, because I really want to love an Aussie rescue group past. Shepherds also known as Aussie, is 3 yrs old and right now very!
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