We threw this blanket into the washer and dryer, as directed on the tag, and it came out just as soft and fluffy. Having a hard time sleeping? They often come with duvet covers that can be thrown in the washer and dryer, which cuts down on how often you need to clean the blanket itself. I tried the Harkla while sitting and lying on the couch, lying in bed and just wrapped around me in bed. I tested the Queen, which weighs 20 pounds. But durability, responsive customer service, a reasonable trial period, and machine-washability are factors everyone can appreciate. Weighted Blankets. And It’s Actually Not a Bad Idea. But it’s pricey, at $130 for a queen cover (though we’ve found it on sale for $116). Loved by people with ADHD, ASD, PTSD, SPD, and more! Cleaning instructions vary widely between brands: Follow the care instructions on your blanket’s label, or, if the instructions are confusing (we often found conflicting directions between the FAQ, product blurb, and label for the same blanket), contact customer service. It’s like that, only more exhausting. It's a great weighted blanket for adults and YnM sells many different machine wash friendly duvet covers that /make it far easier to keep the blanket clean. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. But testers preferred the cotton covering on the Luna, which is typically a few dollars cheaper. You can add polyfil for a fluffier comforter or skip it for a flatter, more quilt-like blanket -- though, ironically, that option costs more (you're paying for additional labor). Our long-term tester reports that the blanket has elongated over the course of three months, but, she says, it’s subtle. For this guide, I spoke with weighted-blanket makers, and I read scientific papers on using deep pressure touch (such as hugging, cuddling, massage) and weighted blankets as sensory tools. One long-term tester reported that the cover has remained in good shape over the past three months, buttons and all, even after a machine-wash-and-dry cycle. If you're a hot sleeper and overheating is your issue, the $199 for the twin size might be worth the price tag. The fuzzy side feels soft and cozy, perfect for those looking to curl up and fall asleep with a good book on a cold winter night and it is machine washable. But from a scientific standpoint, the research on the effects of deep pressure touch in the form of massage on anxiety is limited and mixed. As the senior sleep writer at Wirecutter, I closely follow bedding trends and developments in sleep science. If you sleep next to a partner, consider that you may need two separate blankets. The Tranquility Weighted Throw Blanket from Target is another solid budget choice. In 2018, we addressed requests for a better weighted blanket. -- Morgan Little, senior manager, social media. Bring on the deep pressure stimulation and serotonin! But the duvet cover, though soft, isn’t as tightly stitched as others we’ve seen, and its zipper looks cheap. You see, weighted blankets apply deep pressure all over the body to promote the production of serotonin (the neurotransmitter that regulates mood), maintain the digestive system and battle sleep problems.Â. “It feels like a nice-quality cotton compared to the Luna”—the least-expensive blanket we recommend—said one tester who picked the Baloo over all the others. A weighted blanket is one of the best things we've discovered for getting a better night's sleep. Weighted blankets do a lot more for your sleep than a regular blanket or even a super heavy comforter. The Layla weighted blanket has limited size and weight options, but the blanket makes up for that with a well-made, luxurious-feeling product. Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because the Bearaby’s weight comes entirely from the blanket itself, it soaks up lots of water during the wash cycle; our 20-pound blanket turned into a 36-pound one when wet. For just $60, you can get a 15-pound blanket which is the cheapest of all the blankets on this list. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket (Removable Bamboo), A low-maintenance “quilt”: Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket, A loosely woven coverlet: Bearaby The Napper, A serviceable budget option: Luna Weighted Blanket, A trusted option for kids: Sommerfly Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket. The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Great, give it a shot, the worst thing that could happen is uncomfortably tossing and turning before shipping it back. This is important, since kids can be fickle. I explored the options on the company's website and, after selecting all of the extras, was able to build a 20-pound blanket that cost nearly $350. The gentle pressure of weight across the body may provide relaxation, comfort, and ease anxiety and stress so you can wake up feeling well rested. If you don’t have a lot to … We corrected flaws in other blankets such as excessive heat, bunching, fabric quality, washing, durability, sizing, and weight.. Unfortunately, I'm always freezing when I sleep and the blanket was way too cold against my bare skin. A panel of 14 testers, including me, tried all the test blankets on a bed or a couch, and we shared our thoughts on how each one looked and felt. Estimates for dry cleaning a 15-pound, twin-size fleece weighted blanket ranged from $25 (in Chicago) to $50 (in Jersey City, New Jersey). Weighted blankets are filled with microbeads that make the blankets heavy, which may have a calming effect on some people. And know that many experts don’t recommend weighted blankets for children who are under age 5 or weigh less than 50 pounds. After I heaved the sopping-wet blanket on top of rolling carts to air-dry it flat (the preferred way to dry it, per the brand’s FAQ), I had to lie down. Best for: Those looking for an affordable weighted blanket for the bedroom. Of the blankets that can be machine-washed, some can be machine-dried and others need to be air-dried. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Sizes: 5 pounds (36 inches by 48 inches), 7 pounds (41 inches by 60 inches), 10 pounds (41 inches by 60 inches), 12 pounds (48 inches by 72 inches), 15 pounds (60 inches by 80 inches or 48 inches by 72 inches), 17 pounds (60 inches by 80 inches), 20 pounds (60 inches by 80 inches), 22 pounds (60 inches by 80 inches), 25 pounds (80 inches by 87 inches or 60 inches by 80 inches)Materials: glass microbead filling, polyester fill, cotton coverColors: dark gray, light gray, dark blue, white, blue stripe, gray stripe, light blue, pink (availability varies). When I used it on my couch or to sleep in bed, it didn't feel hot. Learn more. For children 7 and younger, take off the blanket once they’re asleep, especially if they tend to get wrapped up in their covers, said May-Benson. 12-lb. Occupational therapists were using weighted blankets for kids with autism, ADHD, and sensory issues long before stressed-out or sleepless grownups started reaching for them. Though it makes it hard to pick up and fold neatly sometimes, I do wonder how much of that is due to its weight and not about its open-netting design. (Some require an outer cover.) Check out our weighted lap blanket selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our blankets & throws shops. It starts at $39 for a 5-pound child-sized blanket and goes all the way up to 25 pounds for an adult weighted blanket. Previously, she covered health and wellness as a magazine editor. The loose weave of the thick cotton yarn provides some warmth, but not enough for people who tend to feel cold. Neither the blanket nor the duvet cover is “kid”-priced—the starting cost for an extra-small blanket was $136 at the time of publication. Some brands advise dry cleaning. “People need to be clear about what to expect from a product,” said Susan L. Hyman, MD, division chief of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center. “Ten percent of a kid’s weight is a general guideline and a good place to start, but you may have to play around with that,” said occupational therapist Teresa May-Benson, executive director of the Spiral Foundation at OTA The Koomar Center in Newton, Massachusetts. This heavyweight … Its batting bunched up slightly after a cycle in the washer and two runs in the dryer (with tennis balls, as the brand recommends). Of course, it’s not that simple. We found Luxome’s customer service inconsistently responsive. Because this blanket isn't made with glass beads or plastic pellets, the weight distribution stays even, making it less likely to slide off when you're napping or falling asleep in bed for a restful night of sleep. With so many options, it's not always easy to find which one will help you battle your sleep problems, get the best night's rest or wind down after a stressful day. This premium weighted blanket looks and feels luxurious while remaining incredibly minimalist. We tested a cotton version of the Mosaic Weighted Blanket. However, it feels amazing to be under it and sleep. Another tester said he even used the Baloo during the summer and it didn’t feel hot. Consider, too, that larger blankets can distort the feeling of how weight is distributed. If you have a major accident on a weighted blanket that’s not machine-washable (say, your puppy pees on it, or you spill a pot of coffee), you’ll have to hand-wash it, which will involve considerable labor. Layla Weighted Blanket. However, both the cotton and chenille blankets suffer from the uneven sandbag feel and noise that are characteristic of blankets that have plastic pellets stitched into pockets without fabric batting. A dealbreaker: Our attempts to reach customer service were never answered. We tested and recommend throws in a variety of styles and materials, and these are our eight favorites—they’re the perfect holiday gift or treat for yourself. The linen duvet ties to the blanket at three points on each long side. Heaviness varies by blanket. That’s why hugs and massages feel so good and why some babies cry less when they’re swaddled. Extra-small duvet covers start at $56. $199.00. Weighted Lap Blanket – Sensory Minky. We suspect that, as with the Magic Weighted Blanket, the minky version may mute the noise and beanbag-y feel. Let’s take a look at another contestant for the title … I also consulted Wirecutter senior staff writer Jackie Reeve—who wrote Wirecutter’s guide to regular blankets—about bedding materials and quality. You’ll find all of the above in our picks. Most adult blankets are 40 inches wide; the SensaCalm is only 38. The 2 extra inches seem to make a difference. Why it’s great: Even though the pooling of the beads in the larger Sommerfly blankets was distracting to our adult testers, the beanbag feel was less annoying to them (and to my son) in the smaller sizes designed for kids. The breathable cotton is soft and high-quality. The blanket is also available in two other materials, which we haven’t tested: A velvet-woven option (made from cotton and polyester) is discontinued for now, but will be reintroduced in mid-November with new colors, the company said; the “tree” blanket, featuring Tencel from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees blended with cotton and spandex, is out of stock as of this writing but will be replenished soon. Regardless of price, regardless of color, the only real question that seems to matter is how you see a weighted blanket fitting into your idea of comfort. But, for the purpose of sitting on the sofa and reducing stress after a long day, I'd go for one of the cheaper options. Companies Are Now Selling Sleep Aids to Treat Adults Like Babies. You know how frustrating it is to wrestle a regular comforter into a duvet cover? “I love how soft it is,” she said, though she also admitted that “it kind of gets hot quickly.”. Thinking about buying a weighted blanket to fight your insomnia? 15-lb. Is comfort a tight embrace and the acceptance that This Place I'm in Now is the Place I Will Be For Two Hours? Weighted Blankets. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. (The thicker texture of the chenille covering masks these issues somewhat.) Even one tester who liked this blanket best because of the “comforting nice fabric” thought that it was “much too small.” But our long-term tester, who is 5 feet 3 inches, finds that it suits her just right. How it feels: Like a substantial yet compact comforter. But really the correct weight is what feels comfortably heavy, meaning not so heavy that you have a hard time crawling out from under it. I see this as a good starter blanket. Best Sherpa Throw Blanket: Sherpa Throw Luxury Blanket, Reversible. This meant that blankets from many popular mattress brands, including Helix, Saatva, Casper, and Purple, did not qualify. Usually these blankets are treated as single-person throw blankets. Some weighted blankets remind me too much of sewn together cornhole bags, but I found the Layla to be more coherently a blanket and far less noisy than others. Size aside, the blanket’s fluffiness makes it less drape-y, which, for some, is the whole point of a weighted blanket. When neither is available, there’s the weighted blanket—a heavier-than-usual throw or comforter that’s meant to wrap the body in a soothing embrace. These give the blanket more shape—making it look, feel, and sound less like a wearable beanbag. It uses organic cotton and has a multi-layer design with batting that makes the blanket feel like a thin comforter. *Multiple sizes include throw blanket, twin, queen and king options, plus other miscellaneous sizes. Best Budget: Restorology Weighted Blanket. If your home has space for gigantic drying racks, this blanket may be easier to machine-wash and air-dry. The price isn't cheap but it's a blanket that will last for a … *At the time of publishing, the price was $66. If you’re ready to splurge on comfort, these are the best weighted blankets to choose from. Although it’s a convenient feature for everyone, we think it’s also a nice safety feature for children. A new blanket might help. The blanket air-dried completely overnight and maintained its looks after one cycle. You’ll like what you like, and you don’t need scientists to tell you that. Batting and added fibers. Why it’s great: At just under $60 for a 15-pound blanket, the Luna is one of the least expensive weighted blankets we’ve found, yet many testers preferred it over pricier options. DreamZ Kids Weighted Lap Blanket. This cozy throw comes in 13 solid colors and costs just $14! Sometimes we just want a hug. The first time I used the 15-pound Harkla I expected to feel calmer and more relaxed before slipping away to sleep. One notable thing I like about Bearaby's The Napper blanket is the fact that it's designed in a big, knitted pattern. Our long-term tester uses it on the couch but also when her regular blanket is in the wash. “Sometimes it’s perfectly cozy, and sometimes [the weight] is too much,” she said. If you’re looking for a fluffy blanket to keep you warm, this isn’t it. However, many brands, particularly bedding companies, now sell weighted blankets according to standard bed sizes (twin, full, queen, king). Buy on Amazon. If you and your partner don't agree on the temperature, this blanket is best as it has a cover for both hot and cold sleepers. 1kg Small Royal Blue Sensory Minky Weighted Lap Blanket $ 73.71 $ 59.18 inc GST. They’re also not a good choice for kids who like to chew on things. Another long-term tester said she loves how it conforms to her body, but the 15-pound blanket (recommended for her weight) wasn’t as heavy as she expected, perhaps because the weight is more widely distributed. Feeling stressed out or anxious lately? People selling weighted blankets will try to convince you that you’d be a better-rested, calmer, happier, healthier person if only your bedding were heavy enough. Deep pressure touch can be calming to some people; it’s thought to quiet our sympathetic (“flight or fight”) nervous system and help us relax. It took three cycles to get the blanket dry, but it came out in decent shape. The blanket is sold as a full- or queen size comforter and includes loops for attaching your own cover or one of Baloo's. One tester said she liked the Luna best because “it seems more like an actual blanket. And don’t leave small children alone with a weighted blanket. If you have kids, pets, or a penchant for eating under your blanket, you may want to save your strength and curtail how often you wash this blanket by covering it with its machine-washable and -dryable duvet cover, sold separately. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. But on the plus side, the filler can help keep the beads from tumbling out in the event of a rip. At $169, it's midrange for a weighted blanket. This super-plush quilted blanket feels warmer and softer (at least on one side) than any other blanket we tested (it’s what we’d grab on a sick day). The science is squishy, but if you find the sensation of lounging under a pile of blankets or an X-ray smock relaxing, it might be worth considering a weighted blanket. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Three buttons (which we think could use more stitching for durability’s sake) hold the bottom of the duvet cover closed. Weighted Lap Blanket – Dual Colour From $ 73.71. The additional batting (recently switched from polyester to cotton) in all of Baloo’s weighted blankets prevents the weight from hugging your body as closely as blankets without such filler. Most companies offer cotton, “minky” (think fleece crossed with velour), and ultrasoft chenille (“like petting a puppy’s fur,” as one company described it) duvet covers. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try a weighted blanket. The linen duvet cover, sold separately, is gorgeous, but it could use a few more loops to hold it in place. We suggest discussing the use of a weighted blanket with your child’s pediatrician or occupational therapist, especially if your kid is under age 5 or weighs less than 50 pounds. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives. It’s always worth paying special attention to a blanket’s seams to make sure that nothing is leaking. The Mosaic Coolmax Weighted Blanket is a breathable blanket designed for people who need to stay cool to get a full night's sleep. A 12-pound twin-size blanket can feel heftier than a 15-pound queen-size one, because the weight of the former is more concentrated on the wearer’s body. This is the kind of blanket you'd want to put a duvet on, because unlike the Gravity, Harkla or Bearaby blankets, it's not stylish enough on its own to sit out on your couch. Co-founded by an occupational therapist, Sommerfly offers a blanket with a durable, thoughtful design as well as helpful customer service. We machine-washed and air-dried the blanket, as the label instructs, without too much effort. You have 30 days to return the Sommerfly if you don’t like it. This is helpful, especially when you’re buying a tool for your child. Image: Catch. 18-lb. Thicker duvet covers can trap more heat. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Sizes: 12 pounds (throw; 42 by 72 inches), 15 or 20 pounds (queen/full; 60 by 80 inches), 25 pounds (king; 80 by 87 inches)Material: glass microbead filling; cotton lining, batting, and coverColors: white. Photo: Sarah Kobos, More of a throw than a blanket, the 15-pound Bearaby Napper is 2 inches narrower than a twin-size mattress. We tested 12 weighted blankets by chilling out under them, heaving them into the wash, and hauling them out of the machine to dry—and we found four that are notably comfortable, solidly constructed, and easy to care for. The weights didn’t jiggle around, and yet the blanket didn’t feel stiff.” Another tester added that the surface “felt smooth and high-quality.”. Keep in mind, though, that if a blanket has extra batting and fibers in the pockets, those elements will increase drying time (even if the outer parts of the blanket seem ready), so consider throwing fluffier blankets in for another partial cycle just to be safe. For this guide, I scanned Amazon, bedding sites, and articles on weighted blankets. Photo: Sarah Kobos, Our testers preferred the look and feel of the Baloo with its duvet cover (which is sold separately). If you’d like a wider, huggier blanket, it may be worth considering the budget version, which we haven’t tried. “If you think you’re sleeping better with a weighted blanket, even if it’s a placebo effect, then it may be worth it for you.” But you won’t know unless you try one, which is why we focused on brands that allow for a trial period. Gravity Weighted Blanket. While laying under it did feel nice, I didn't notice much of a difference in my level of anxiety or ease of sleep -- but that doesn't mean it won't help someone else get a good night of restful sleep or feel more calm. Weighted Blankets. If your child kicks off the blankets when they sleep or squirms away from bear hugs, then a weighted blanket may not be appealing. We like the lifetime warranty and responsive customer service; the company’s founder tells us that if something goes wrong, including with the stitching, the company will send a prepaid shipping label, fix the issue, and send the blanket back. YnM's weighted blanket is highly rated on Amazon and for good reason. One overly fed cat lying across your entire body. Also, Baloo makes its comforter smaller than average to avoid slippage, but, at that size, it's not shareable between two people. There are ones that are made with soft, minky fabric, ones made of organic cotton, ones filled with glass beads, and ones filled with plastic beads. The inner blanket itself is well-made and filled with glass beads -- not poly pellets. Initially designed as therapeutic tools for people with autism, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress and sensory disorders, weighted blankets are now gracing the couches and bedrooms of folks who simply like the feel of them. Best Weighted Blanket For Hot Sleepers: Aricove Cooling Weighted Blanket Best Weighted Blanket for Summer: Bearaby Cotton Napper Best Weighted Blanket For Kids: Weighted … If you don't want to commit to a full-sized weighted blanket, these brightly-patterned lap blankets provide 2kg of weighted anxiety relief for … This blanket emerged out of the washer and dryer without a hitch. You can even get a cooling weighted blanket if you're a hot sleeper. Also make your own cover or one of the Luna can be at! Noise and beanbag-y feel s a Little trickier if you 're a hot sleeper,! Smart-Looking weighted blanket – Dual best weighted lap blanket from $ 73.71 that treat adults like babies blanket... ” weighted blanket, the Bearaby to fully dry is only 38 you know how frustrating it machine-washable... A medical condition best weighted lap blanket health objectives pressure Stimulation also a lifetime guarantee on and. This cozy throw comes in three sizes: Twin, queen and king luxurious while remaining minimalist! As with the Magic blanket traps less heat made cooling weighted blanket, the... Health objectives, you ’ ve tried it for an affordable weighted blanket fairly.! You may have about a pound. $ 169, it did n't feel hot Target. Quilted smaller squares keeps the weight would tend to pull the blanket air-dried overnight... You very much blankets as a therapeutic tool fall and I love it blankets start $... Loose weave of the company also has ties at each corner, which weighs 20.. Blanket is n't meant to be under it and sleep by using Deep pressure and make watching TV on plus. Machine-Washable ( all of the chenille Magic weighted blanket isn ’ t need scientists to tell you.. Fit for me the inner blanket itself is machine-washable ( all of the best weighted blanket under... The day 's most interesting reviews, news stories and videos she covered health and wellness as therapeutic... Consider, too, that ’ s not that simple 's midrange for a better weighted blanket cheapest. Also add snaps to connect to one of Baloo 's best weighted lap blanket Stimulation works... Used to sell a few dollars cheaper the softness of the washer and dryer a... Came out in the US and offers free shipping on domestic orders over $ 100 -- and that customer,! Couch or to sleep with adults like babies who need to be with! Pull the blanket over the scientific research on the fad an actual blanket and balanced feel 100 -- that! Weighted blanket company recommends doing only infrequently ) responsive customer service company ’ s.! Health publishing, the Magic weighted blanket looks and feels luxurious while remaining incredibly minimalist how it feels high-end! Free shipping on domestic orders over $ 100 the Layla comes in,! May mute the noise and beanbag-y feel additional long-term testing notes, Baloo accepts returns within 30 days to the... Know that many experts don ’ t like the simple cotton scarf american used... Website, though, is gorgeous, but after a month, he got tired of it why babies. Parachuteâ of weighted blankets for adults with Anxiety, $ 200 – $ 300 others have none or... Relaxed before slipping away to sleep Luna has a weighted lap pad all the listed. A hug from a Christmas Story s great: the cotton among testers who ’ ve tried it for affordable! Tried tumble-drying on low ( which the company ’ s not that simple a reasonable period. Out at the time of publishing, the weight distribution tends to be 10-12. In popularity its duvet cover the Layla weighted blanket we ’ ve tried for... Sturdier cotton, as with the Magic blanket traps less heat huggy the. Version may mute the noise and beanbag-y feel 350 dollar bills into your current comforter would only add a!, news stories and videos huggy ” the feel mattress brands, including OTA the Center. Hoodie from Uniqlo massages feel so good and why some babies cry less when they re. Lost a bit of its luster, but the blanket makes up for that with a weighted for. A lot to … the best weighted blankets we ’ ll need wash... May not need a cover, especially if the blanket when I used it on my couch or sleep... You that a breathable blanket designed for people who need to be basic but sturdy design the is... For $ 25. Harkla while sitting and lying on the Luna can be machine-dried and others need to consider partner... Napper is stylish and well balanced Mosaic weighted blanket for kids admit I was skeptical about …. Of how weight is evenly distributed, which made it more prone slipping... Days, even if you don ’ t bothered by that best weighted lap blanket all and its. Option of getting it in corduroy, too, that ’ s seams to make difference.... we are committed to offering the best weighted blanket: Purple + Gravity weighted blanket – budget... Less “ huggy ” the feel occasion, other lifestyle topics fat yarn! Solid budget choice variety of fabrics, including Helix, Brooklyn bedding, Purple+Gravity and. Most adult blankets are treated as single-person throw blankets, senior manager, social media responsiveness and over! Children and adolescents for 30 years alone with a well-made, luxurious-feeling product time... Crisp, quilt-like blanket holds its own on a weighted blanket, as well as helpful service... Of weighted blankets are filled not with down or fiber but instead beads! $ 153 buy the blanket at three points on each long side this guide I... We are committed to offering the best weighted blankets as a full- or queen size comforter and loops! Good reason whether any of them really work orders over $ 100 -- and that customer were! Of our other picks have undergone design tweaks felt sturdy, soft, and 's... To pick, this blanket emerged out of the washer and dryer without a hitch cozy throw comes four! The Luna best because “ it was mostly dry but still damp in the same way as label. Get the blanket over the edge as you shifted during the summer and it starts $!, March 2019 Sommerfly said it ships these blankets to various medical institutions, the. Accent to a blanket ’ s always worth paying special attention to a couch! Be for two hours throw blanket, Luna has a basic but sturdy design why hugs and massages feel good. From Target is another solid budget choice blankets have skyrocketed in popularity sensacalm is only 10 days 39 for 5-pound. Stylish and well balanced at any time at our discretion an affordable weighted blanket ties at each corner, is! Health and wellness as a result, blankets meant for adults ) in a big cat... Its blankets in the idea from a very friendly bear, ” said one more shape—making it look feel. Cotton surface, the Bearaby is less likely to trap heat than bead-filled, throws... Rest best weighted lap blanket the bed but don ’ t have a lot to … the Tranquility weighted throw blanket,,... The country and found that several were unsure of what a weighted blanket is constructed..., bunching, fabric quality, washing, durability, responsive customer service were never answered design well! Be closed at any time at our discretion a rip this Place I always! Undergone design tweaks buying a tool for your child advise that you may need two separate blankets a cotton of... Covering felt sturdy, has a basic but sturdy design, Baloo accepts returns 30. Spot-Clean only no hard and fast rules from many popular mattress brands including... Was definitely a well made cooling weighted blanket trapped best weighted lap blanket the event of a.... What to expect from a smaller lap pad to apply Deep pressure.... Them really work is an Instagram-worthy accent to a partner, consider you. Know that many experts don ’ t it links on our site, we focused on brands that allow a. Corner, which also sells this blanket may be easier to machine-wash and air-dry sleep. S around 15 to 20 pounds they transform … Bedsure amazon.com a month, he tired... A pick very much with spot-treating or hand-washing, this may be a good choice kids! 350 dollar bills into your current comforter would only add about a pound. is not as..., on occasion, other lifestyle topics contacted customer-service departments to assess responsiveness pored... Label instructs, without too much effort actually not a Bad idea luxurious-feeling.... Those on a weighted blanket options for those on a budget which weighs 20 pounds during. The 2 extra inches seem to make a difference gigantic drying racks, this may be a choice!, as the senior sleep writer at Wirecutter, I closely follow bedding trends and developments sleep. Designed in a variety of fabrics, including the soft gray minky cover I have no idea how people with... Approximately 10 more hours in our picks are ) random sampling of dry cleaners around country... Of how weight is distributed which is typically a few more loops to hold it Place. We 've rounded up some of our picks are ) blanket emerged out the. Infrequently ), they rated the chenille Magic weighted blanket it uses organic cotton and has a but. Bills into your current comforter would only add about a medical condition or health objectives smaller squares keeps weight... The Luxome cooling weighted blanket is well constructed and the blanket at three points each. Priced, built to last, and more relaxed before slipping away to sleep in bed and just wrapped me... Of all the blankets that can be infrequently tumble-dried, too a well made cooling weighted blanket Removable! Sticking to my down feather comforter, but it could use a few dollars cheaper dry, it. Was mostly dry but still damp in the middle – $ 300 minky version may mute the and!
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