The 1st couple in this drama is like Son-Song, their love will grow to each other and i hope we'll see more chemistry on them. You said kimeunsook's drama was boring or blablabla. also, I have a theory that Sunny and Grim Reaper are lovers in their past life (coz he cried the first time they met, but didn't know why) and that he is the reincarnation of the young king who ordered to kill Gong Yoo.. But love the bromance in this drama.. I already experience to be both shipper & non shipper..I kinda see myself before with you - shippers .. Winona Granger Jan 21 2021 10:04 am What is the title of the soundtrack when Gong Yoo meet the bride for the first time? everything about this drama is amazing, i can't stress enough how perfect everything went. if euntak reborn why goblin find her at the age of 19 again ? Song Hye Kyo was born on November 1981 and Song Joong Ki was born on September 1985..I don't think any reasonable person would consider SHK as being much older when she is only 3 years and 10 months older. I want so bad to like this drama but as it goes on I'm seeing what others who think it's losing appeal are seeing, the glaring inconsistencies with the plots & story-lines. Even much more love his character in Goblin!!! I just love eun tak character. The female's too clingy to the point of whiny & annoying. There's no doubt that Goblin is the best K drama that I've ever watched. Many loved their chemistry. Holly Willow Apr 21 2016 9:24 am It just seems very creepy to me and he is starting to look less debonair and more like a dirty old man. if ET's character was portrayed realistically, a nice girl w/ dignity, manners & care for others not only herself wouldn't do the things ET does. I really love Goblin! Bravo!!! Did anyone know the intro song? And that's an order!!! There was no stupid love triangle, for which are kdramas very known. However, most of the series felt a bit static. Maple Dec 11 2016 5:28 am But I'm intrigued. Honestly, this drama is so much better than Legend of the blue sea but the way Eun Tak's character is being defined right now especially now nearing the end is so hateful. I thought Goblin's gonna be a rockin' dark fantasy, now it looks like the writer's still not sure what genre she wants it to be. Liyana Jan 09 2017 9:25 pm In the beginning and until the last few episodes it had a bit mystery, but with appearance of God in Dok Hwa, I didnt get that "Fate is a question" thing. Kim go-eun a rookie? But Yoo In-na make me wanna see this drama. Just their eyes, the way they look at each other, their chemistry is insanely off the charts. And dang! Rehan Singh Jun 02 2017 9:10 am She just a 19 teenager, who life so hard. If y'all recall esp in the early eps ET didn't hesitate to use & take advantage of Goblin esp as soon as she found out he needs her 'coz she's the Goblin Bride. This drama has to be the best of 2016! Episode 13 literally had me in tears Gong Woo come back!!!!!!!! If u think she is pretty then u should be happy and enjoy the series. Lee Dong wook is charming as usual. Twinkle Dec 05 2016 9:22 am Sloth Oct 25 2016 2:12 am You see, Eun-tak was able to summon the goblin, which of course the first few times caught the goblin off guard. Actually they cut out some vital bits with Deok Hwa which was in the script. Love all in the goblin.. Here her clothes and face height everything seems genuine. ShadeBlue Dec 18 2016 12:07 am Lead actors are so cute and funny. Goblin_Bride Jan 29 2017 12:56 pm I will be glad if it had more fight scenes, more complicated story plot, more goblin enemies.. as shown from the first episode.. I'm hoping for a happy ending. Moreover, she could've asked for so much more money, but she only asked for $5000. snowflake Jan 02 2017 11:16 am For those have doubt to watch this drama, its never too late to remove that doubt. Anonymous Aug 12 2016 11:15 am Descendant of the sun is so damn overrated and the plot does not have much to say!! Sung Nak Kyung. Jocelyn Dec 04 2016 11:45 am Love kge and goong yoo. In Doctors, the writer acknowledged the age-gap dilemma so she made the leads wait until the lead female's all grown up before they hook up. Let me say, what do you want from her role? I would love it more if the main girl is prettier. This is my all time favourite korean drama..amazing cast...amazing story, aiueo Sep 18 2019 8:05 pm The overload of cheesy scenes are light and too easy for Gong Yoo. This was one of the most sophisticated and heart grabbing pilot I have seen in a long time. I would have appreciated this more if they had cast a much mature actress that could still pass up as a 20 year old student. There's no absurdity as she was asking money and other wishes to Kim shin who also she considered as her guardian. Nux Jan 22 2017 2:00 am and as for the lead female, can we have han hyo jo here? The leads are kinda boring and so cheesy I'm not feeling any chemistry between the goblin and his bride. The bromance is great between the Grim Reaper and Goblin and I love Dok wa but definitely am not feeling the romance, especially since its supposed to be this very epic thing. In episode 12 of tvN’s “Goblin,” Ji Eun Tak reveals that Yoo Duk Hwa helped her interpret Kim Shin’s journal and helped her find the lost maple leaf. Coincidence or...? Hong Seol Dec 08 2016 3:21 am It was given to him by his grandfather. He whas trying to sell the restaurant to make money thats why she wanted his number. Sorry but to me their chemistry is totally 'blah' as a couple. Those who say she deserves to act childish 'coz of what the hardships she's been through, you're insulting the many young women who against all odds survive w/o taking advantage of anyone. I wonder who is the Granny@lady in red. They are so cute together and he is so handsome... hope there is a kiss scene xD! Beside the storyline is great too. There were only a select few moments that drew my attention. As a couple, really not believable. yah he can be soft-hearted but don't completely rehabilitate him & take away that 'darkness' side of him. Just enjoy the freaking drama and shut the mouth. Just then, like Newton's apple, Congratulations cast and crew, you nailed it!!! @dramadrama Umm.. gigi Jan 04 2017 2:54 pm But I highly recommend it. If it is like @bella said: Sunny will be the one to pull the sword out while Eun Tak is the bride who can save the Goblin curse. In "Goblin," he was a general, but later became a childish, lovestruck, lonely old (939 years old to be exact) bachelor! Hi five! these drama is so great, so many twist and unexpected scenes,each episodes are awesome. and Deok-hwa character too, he's so funny. As we go on in the story, lets just see of how the grim reaper found out that he was a king. The writer has given enough time for the main OTP and their story is just so boring. dustermuster Oct 20 2016 11:16 pm Love the characters,and as the stories goes it became more and more exciting and interesting. @Kara - glad you mentioned Signal, one of the best dramas I agree. Doibi Dec 17 2016 1:53 pm As an actor I admire him for how he always seemed to be in touch with every role he plays. Well tbh I only started watching the drama because they said iKON was featured in it lol. I don't know, maybe because I'm not guessing in advance and just enjoy seeing what they build with each other relationships (each with each other), I see in them is really simple people with cockroaches, desires and long serious thoughts about various things. Gong Yoo is awesome in this drama but the Grim Reaper got my attention. Kdrama fan Jan 22 2017 3:02 pm However, maybe someday I'll pick it back up and see if it gets more interesting :). Been searching all day about goblin and Gong Yoo. Mixed emotions all in 2 episodes. @jane yeah me tooo. 4. for me, the progress of story is good, its not fast and not too slow and that makes me curious about what will happen in next scene. Tuesday Apr 19 2019 7:23 pm Yan Jan 23 2017 4:13 am . Hehehehe Super love this drama XD. After finishing the drama, i am longing for another more episodes.. it made me cry, smile or even feel loved like every episodes make my day worth awhile. Normal human like Duk Hwa cannot see him with his hat on. Where was Duk Hwa grandchild? giyoung Dec 27 2016 8:19 am Goblin and eun tak - 6/10 Good job to all Goblin's team specially with Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun as a couple of Goblin .. Goblin & Grim Reaper fighting! Either way, the story is veryyyy unique and fun to watch so it made me keep wanting to watch till the end. but what i don't understand is she can't see the ghost. It's not because he look at her as an old granny but as someone high. i really love this series. Mythology. #Goblin is perfect with the very nice ost songs to sing along. tiger Dec 11 2016 12:39 am When I saw that this drama have such a good writer I though that I must watch it! That's not just a regular drama that's a high class drama lol. I'm not saying condone it but given this is a fictional drama, viewers, including parents have the brains & the freedom to make their own choices on what they believe & what they want to teach their kids. anybody Jan 14 2017 6:57 am But to be acknowledged by your colleagues across the contents, is even a greater thing.. And to the STAFF, salute you all guys, keep up the good works. GY and LKW will deliver their roles perfect too, ofcourse! I even lack words.. First Gong Yoo......he is so lovable plus his acting is impecabble. The writer tried to make them the opposite but what's unconvincing abt the way she made them was that she took out everything that made these 2 characters interesting to begin with. Mapsosa, Lucky May 26 2016 11:18 pm Daebakk all the staffs and casts. Samyang Dec 23 2016 7:55 pm Just perfect, just beautiful. Can't wait for the next episode. Best Drama Ever!! I don't think so. i can enjoy every romans and jokes. Whenever it's on I keep hoping it won't end. Oh Beans Jan 08 2017 6:49 am ^o^ Nov 20 2016 6:23 pm this might be the best pilot episode I've ever watched! Can't wait for the next episode. Yoo inna Aug 27 2016 5:32 am He is the Deity.. And the red lady is the Goddess of fate and life. In real life, when two people are in love they will push through with it even against the consent of others. mark Jan 14 2017 10:15 pm no offense, but please see through each character, the writer already gave her all to make one and and another character, so that they must have a flaw that made them as a human too. Goblin ans grim reaper - 10/10 !!!! A refreshing storyline wt heartfelt moments & colourful humour! Goong yoo, never tires oficina watch him<3. I love Goblin and I love Y'all. Gong Yoo? 2. Thanks to all parties in making such wonderful drama. The fact is some of us cannot condone the stage in Eun-Tak's life--a high school girl--that Goblin falls in love with. 2. OMG!!!! Jun 18, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Princess Nave. My favorite drama. And don't forget about Wang Yeo and Sunny too. And isn't it human to ask for money when you know that someone can just make it pop out in front of you? Oh how my mind works. Let's keep watching and have faith in the actors and writers. I agree with all the positive reviews. I am really really curious about the main actress in this drama. get your facts straight and just want you to know it hits 18% as for Goblin the highest ratings so far is 14% and it have 4 episodes left dunno if they can reach that tho'. .. love the drama.. pixelheart Dec 05 2016 1:46 pm Goblin will be missed, with just 16 episodes it was magnificent. Alexey May 12 2020 10:30 am My 2 thumbs up for #Goblin. MsClumsyme Jan 17 2017 2:00 am I Love this drama, its like bella and edward,..hehhee, Fads Jan 15 2017 10:57 pm You know that more actross&actress needed popularity&job so that's why they are want playing role in kimeunsook's drama because her drama always be success and getting high rating. I can't wait to see how it progresses. Have we all seen the witty, cheerful, not so bright girl in the kdrama and also the opposite? This drama is killing me, it is really good and the chemistry is daebak. Kody Smith Dec 24 2016 3:49 pm E Dec 09 2016 6:11 am This drama is a rollercoaster, a literal emotional roller coaster ? It's an okay drama for me . Almost needless to say, Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na did not disappoint with their superb acting in this show. love "ahjushi" gong yoo! for someone powerful he didn't consider that the most logical place she'd be is in SoKo. i can't move on from this drama, each character gives special place in my heart XD. It raised my interest of Korea...Love Gong Yoo, Mr Grim, Yook Sung, and the lead female characters. Jane Dec 11 2016 11:06 pm dokkaebi Jan 26 2017 3:48 am Also not to mention Kim Sohyun, Kim Minjae and Lee El (Grandmother deity) also make this drama what it is. Lindia Jan 15 2017 2:52 am After I knew her from this drama, I starting to watch her movies too. It would have been perfect with the story plot and all except for the girl. This is TOP in my list. LuffykunJah Dec 25 2016 7:08 am Anyway, let's just enjoy the ride guys ;). that drama is good so far! I understand she's like 18 but the way she acts with him, she seems like she's 12 - 15 years old.. hahahah. Thank you for allowing the world to share this amazing experience!! After the show ended i feel like im missing a big chunk of my life lol. Mira Dec 10 2016 7:24 am Please..please To Kim Go Eun, that was my first time seeing you acting, you're such a talented smart actress with lovely smile, you did amazing. Immortalheart Dec 11 2016 12:46 am Gong Yoo will always be my GOBLIN!! And I know Goblin is going to go far! I think you should focus on the story not the appearance of the characters. kim go eun is one of potential actors in her generation, like seriously every movies or dramas which is her lead, i can't recognize that she is the same person. smileypotato-blog1. There is drama, comedy, heartbreak, love, did I mention that the comedy is actually funny and not forced? I hate how clingly she is, have no sense of how inconsiderate she is to others, and how her character has no development whatsoever. guys is this really the best series of 2016?really?if so then u have low standards or haven't been challenge with great projects yet .i mean most of its characters were underdeveloped ,the script was crap with unequal screen tym and the female lead never got strong enough to stand on her own.i give it 2/5. no one was micast in this series every one is good and will receive an award and am not afraid to say i also dont feel the romance and waiting for the second couple though they are sidelining them.not even one scene of them so far!! I saw a glimpse of episode 16 and I think I'll just stop at episode 15.. it's just to sad to watch what will happened.. Maybe Ill just don't want it to be a sad ending or maybe I just rather have someone spoil it for me.. Shin Oct 15 2016 4:54 am This so great that i know this project under kim eun sook writer. Constance Apr 29 2020 6:58 am No one can replace ji eun tak. azurixa Dec 20 2016 10:24 pm You said exactly what I mentioned in an earlier comment. Cant wait next episode XD There always new answer for my curiosity from the drama~. It's high time Kdramas shed off all those cliches & redundant plots. in Movie called Memories of the sword, Kim Go Eun played as Jeon Do-Yeon daughter. Daebakkk. This was one of the best dramas I've seen. If you're not a meticulous but a simple viewer who wants to feel a roller-coaster-ride-of-emotions, then I absolutely recommend it. Great job all the production team. Unknown Feb 23 2017 10:50 am I think in terms of quality, this is better than the Descendant of the Sun ( same writer). This drama made me think about the past life that we've lived and present that we're living on what we've done to acknowledge our mistake or to correct them.. Y'all need to go out and get a job and stop hanging around the Internet to find something to talk about. Its not the age gap that bothers me its the childlike characteristics the actress has been asked to portray while wearing a school uniform that bothers me. I am utterly disappointed with this drama. 3 cast GY KGE LDW super daebak and no doubt for their acting but i wonder a screenwriter would'nt writing the story about boring story like the Heirs or DOTS. Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo are so adorable they look good together!