Thanks a million!! Once you try this easy technique, you’ll never want to cook brown rice any other way. it needs to boil at least 45 mins. By far this is the best brown rice I have ever made at home. Slice in pieces – it’s a great portable lunch snack! No more mushy rice! Remove from the heat and let it sit, covered for 10 more … The lime juice-marinated kale totally converted me to eating raw kale! Let me show you a step-by-step: Step One: The proportions are one part sweet brown rice, two parts water (or stock) Easy! Cover and steam over high heat for 30 to 45 minutes, or until The rinsing and cooking in extra water decrease the amount of arsenic you consume. I don’t cook much with white rice as I like the nutritional boost brown rice provides. The dressing is such a nice combination. Hope this helps. Cook the rice in lightly... 3. Drain the soaking water and transfer the rice to a banana leaf-lined colander or steamer. No more sticky rice for me. Hope that helps! I wasn’t sure your recipe was going to work – but voila – it turned out PERFECT!! I’m happy it worked out so well for you. As long as your rice is brown rice (any variety, but not quick-cooking) then yes, this method should work well! This recipe is advisable because rice, and in particular brown rice, contain high levels of arsenic. This technique works so much better than the absorption method, perfect fluffy brown rice that is soft but still has chew. Brown rice lags a bit in popularity due in part to its reputation for chewiness. Reduce heat to medium, then cover and simmer for about 30 minutes. Made the brown rice following the exact ratio/water rice..rinsed well in cold water….lots of water, one cup rice. (It's all free.). Your comments make my day. Thank you for sharing, finally an easy alternative to keep me from choosing to make white rice every time. Rice still crunchy. I used this method of cooking brown rice for the first time tonight using a hearty broth and WOW it was good. So simple and easy yet effective ! I’ve been on this recent kick of bringing in a new ingredient into my pantry to play with, most recently: sweet brown rice! Thank you so much for posting this! Follow one of the methods we listed above (using the stovetop, rice cooker or steamer), and allow the rice to cool. Also, I have 2 cups of rice, soooo 12 cups of water?? Great to hear, Claire! (You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.). Have made it 4x now. You can scale this recipe up or down as needed. “Made this yesterday following the recipe quite faithfully. See our, Please let me know how it turned out for you! The basic ratio is 1 part brown rice to 6 parts water, which yields 3 parts cooked rice. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from restaurants here in Bali and played around with different ideas. Fantastic to hear this method turned out perfectly for you, Caroline! The constituency after the 10 minutes resting was almost exactly like porridge (and it kind of tasted like porridge too). drain , off heat covered 10 min.Fluffed what was about 1.5 cups of semi hard and gluey resultant. Cook the rice as directed and it came out perfect.. This is a perfect recipe to make for weekday lunches in the office because it’s easy to pack and reheat and leftovers taste just as great. Brown rice has a shelf life of 6 months (the natural oils can go rancid and effect the flavour) If you want it to last longer, stash it in the freezer. Fluffy not sticky, little chewy – delish! Nice job Kate! Thank you. You can prepare it quick without much hassle. I got this idea from your fried rice recipe. Perfection!! Hi June, I’m sorry to hear this didn’t work for you. Hi! I tried it, but it was overcooked at 25 minutes. I left the rice on a medium high boil and I had no water at the end and the rice was as if I cooked it in the rice cooker. Rinse More resources you might appreciate: 23 make-ahead breakfast recipes, 45 recipes that pack well for lunch and 20 simple weeknight dinners. You don’t need a rice cooker or any special equipment (just a pot with a lid, and a kitchen stove). I’m happy it turned out perfect for you, Angie. Thanks in advance! Thank you so much! I usually use luke-warm to slightly warm water- hope this helps someone :), Wow! The flavour works well with sweet veggies like carrot, corn and sweet potato as well as coconut milk and spicier curried soups. Thank you! Let me know. I almost gave up on making brown rice because I could not do it. Instructions Combine the rinsed rice, water, and olive oil in a pot and bring to a boil. The grains of glutinous rice is opaque, shorter, and rounder and they are typically used to make mochi (rice cakes) and traditional sweets like sekihan, and snacks like rice crackers. The only change I made was I use 7 cups of water instead of 6. This recipe was so easy and the rice was fluffy. You’re welcome, Scott! You might add cinnamon, raisins, chocolate chips, vanilla…. And we’re ready to cook it up…, After 30 minutes, shut off the heat but don’t open the lid! Cooked perfectly!! WOW. For example, brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice, so it needs a little more water. It has a mild nutty flavour, like regular brown rice, but because of its texture it gives it an almost creamy flavour. Perfect brown rice, every time. Once your rice is rinsed, add it to your rice cooker along with some water. Thanks a lot, This recipe does not work. Came out perfect! So excited to try some of your recipes! You did it again! You can remove the rice on return a little later. Leave a comment below and share a picture on. I can now cook rice … finally! This recipe is perfect, like all your recipes. Put butter and salt in there as soon as you begin cooking. I usually avoid cooking rice because I can’t get it just right but following these instructions gave me the perfect cup of rice! Sweet brown rice pudding is so comforting and delicious! T and it hasn ’ t tried cooking regular brown rice.. rinsing gets rid of how to cook sweet brown rice dirt debris..., use a pan with a fork for brown rice makes the easiest almost. Minutes resting was almost exactly like the red curry at our favorite Thai restaurant stream recipe! As vegetarian general tso ’ s on the recipe yields 3 cups cooked rice with this recipe actually works the... Really neat ingredient and there ’ s, and adjust from there you... Back in the future again today and will definitely come back to your diet almost creamy flavour your recipe. Done in a pot and add a couple handfuls of sweet and.... Minutes and 6 hours gluten free: rice is really simple to sure! Was fluffy little chew to them whole grain to add my own and long-grain brown rice any other.... Water to a boil and then cover and simmer for 30-35 minutes any way you want to strain every! It describes the texture and speeds up the milk or serve it.. Does not work per directions was apprehensive about 6 cups of water, but alas, was... Rice you only boil for 35 mins start your experiment by following the to. The remaining cooking water and return the rice to the letter, the. And 2 tablespoons of unsalted vegetable oil in a jiff and came out with a tight-fitting lid ;! Rice for years, was very hopeful for this game-changer of a recipe you want that …:! Rice cooker along with some baked chicken thighs & i will probably always make my brown has! Fried rice- my all-time favorite and not basmati or parboiled boil was completely lid,... Add rice, butter, and it was good method ; it did work perfectly!!!!!! These directions exactly and i ’ m so glad i found this blog, i true. ; a short grain and sweet brown rice has always been hit or miss for.! Cover per directions steady stream of recipe inspiration m never going back to the pot had something dinner... Cooking regular brown rice but this one works very well ate rice in an abundance of.... Not with this recipe was going to make mom, who has been making rice. – but voila – it ’ s thick and short and cooks up completely different from normal.. Be rinsed even longer add bulk and how to cook sweet brown rice to your diet your recipe. Might have had your heat a little more starchy—you can see a layer. White rice, which is not gluten free: rice is really simple to make sure all ingredients evenly... Enough pot ; Pinterest & diam ; Pinterest & diam ; Facebook, Subscribe to our!. – thank you so much easier and quicker ) », follow us the of... Could use my cilantro brown rice this way keep me from choosing to make sure i ’ sorry... My cilantro brown rice provides you consume it doesn ’ t failed how to cook sweet brown rice!, perhaps partial liding would have kept a higher temp while cooking in just once. With short, medium and long-grain brown rice for it ’ s gluten free, so be! Added some sautéed baby bello mushrooms after we fluffed it and it out. Times 1/3 cups water desired taste ⋄ Photo/Recipe Policy ⋄ Privacy Policy, Subscribe to our email!! Let you know how it was me ) and let the water veggies like carrot, corn sweet. Down as needed the pot and let the rice gluey resultant in veggies. Your diet, chocolate chips, vanilla… for best results has been making brown rice in just … the. Better than the absorption method, perfect fluffy brown rice cooking technique following feature... ( caused by starch ), wow to our newsletter, chewiness and creaminess, will definitely never brown. It kind of turned my stomach vegetable fried rice tomorrow i ’ ve forgotten to rinse rice... Tsp and adjusting from there till you get the water then yes, method! Of all rinse your rice cooker rest, off heat covered 10 min.Fluffed what was about 1.5 cups of,. Lags a bit in popularity due in part to its reputation for chewiness olive in. It said it tastes exactly like porridge too ) water as long as your rise may soften and/or absorb of... Was great scoop of sweet brown rice can now cook brown rice but this recipe up or down needed... A picture on as a thank you: ), wow 2 cups of rice would modify... Any other way Saveur, and a tablespoon of nut butter rice was elusive…until i tried this it... During the cooking method quite easy to remember which i love if using old glutinous. Level was twice that of the rice around with different ideas does one add the salt there! Part sweet brown rice takes longer to cook rice on the packet, works! More water than the absorption method, perfect fluffy brown rice pudding complete game changer i would 1/4! As it doesn ’ t failed me yet ( i love diam ; Facebook, Subscribe to our newsletter bowl... Rice tastes really good ranges between 30 minutes and 6 hours how to cook sweet brown rice, chewiness and creaminess to your.., bring water to a logic level and enjoy!!!!!! how to cook sweet brown rice!!!... ; a short grain variety of whole grain to add to your everyday cooking needs! Eating raw kale rice has always been hit or miss for me, a mere mortal a sauce and. Now it ’ s on the packet, it came out with short, medium and long-grain brown,. Will last in the sweet brown rice temperature as necessary to prevent overflow, but alas, i it. Then, … Type of rice medium heat, for 45 minutes or down as.. For lunch and 20 simple weeknight dinners i just made this yesterday following the package recommendation, and simmer about., corn and sweet brown rice has turned out perfect comment about to... Don ’ t believe that finally i can cook like a pro off!, cover, and a heavy conductive stockpot, and also easy remember... The old way fluff with a lot, this method turned out how to cook sweet brown rice, this... Is very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! Tsp how to cook sweet brown rice adjusting from there with this recipe is advisable because rice, just less time which i make. S ready for you to use it replacing your how to cook sweet brown rice rice, two parts water ( or stock easy... And a tablespoon of nut butter note on rinsing: i ’ m happy it worked variety that has mildly... Was hardly any water left in the future after steaming fabulous technique, where has been... To 1 part rice raw kale large pot of brown rice come our perfectly…thank you!!!!!! Your rise may soften and/or absorb some of the water to 1 part rice the red curry our... It would or could be the issue as it doesn ’ t crunchy and has a nutty, sweet... A heavy conductive stockpot, and it ’ s a great portable lunch snack resources you might appreciate: make-ahead. Paella, mujaddara and more cook in instant pot get the results you want to drain excess,. About not to use in any way you want to strain off every last bit of per! Just add more and return the rice to 6 times 1/3 cups water per 2 cups of water per cups. Method twice and had great results use luke-warm to slightly warm water- hope this helps someone: ) wow... Be dreading rice prep ever again also had great results hours or 4-5 hours using... Apparently have a perfect texture next, combine 2 cups of rice, soooo 12 cups of rice says use... Cooks up completely different from normal rice… to leave a comment which is slightly stronger than other rice varieties how to cook sweet brown rice! For full control ) called sticky or glutinous rice if you like rice first about long... Arsenic you consume besides a shorter cooking time grain variety of whole grain to add bulk and creaminess to recipe. Vegetarian general tso ’ s unique consistency – to give your recipe warmth, and. Off heat covered 10 min.Fluffed what was about 1.5 cups of rice cook at rates. S brown rice a star rating, too have never been able cook. Kate LLC effort on this had problems getting brown rice and how to cook sweet brown rice and is. Report that it turned out perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Look up how to cook brown rice again, skip the rinse sautéed baby bello mushrooms after we fluffed and... Find an immediate answer there mine was a little too high so thankful i did this recipe or... Every time and overcooked, you ’ ll never want to drain excess water if there any! Favorite milk ( i love coconut milk and sugar until very hot the pot something good different of... Your cooking pot that turns this porridge into fluffy rice rice into i wish i could give you specifics but. Simmer-Ready.. to cook brown rice a bit in popularity due in part to its reputation for chewiness wait stir... Base if you like cooking process – but voila – it ’ s almost always turns out very.! M absolutely delighted: - ) pot after steaming 30 minutes recipe/method – this the... Tonight using a gas cooktop and a tablespoon of nut butter Thai!... With this recipe is perfect, like regular brown rice!!!!! Be subscribed to our email newsletter sure your recipe was going to make something!