During spring and summer while the Guzmania is actively growing, you might have to fill the rosette with water several times weekly. consistently warm tropical to subtropical climates and don’t tolerate freezing To promote the best growth and ward off potential problems such as rot, grow your Guzmania in soil that drains well and doesn’t remain soggy. Using a clinging root system, it pulls nutrients from decomposing natural matter in its host tree. Would you advise replanting in additional coco fibre, or just removing the additional soil I put them in and returnign to the original “footprint” and medium of the plant (especially since I didn’t pull away any of the fibre)? I have a very tall yellow Guzmania sitting right across from me in my office which I’ve had for almost 2 months & the tips of the lower leaves on the flower stalk are turning green. Hi, I’m Andrew, and Smart Garden Guide is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants. It slowly turns brown. Bromeliads are considered either terrestrial (growing on the ground in soil) or epiphytic (growing on trees, rocks or other supports), and Guzmanias are epiphytes. You can also set the pot with drain holes into a decorative Though that seems like a bummer, especially if you bought the bromeliad for its blooms, the flowers actually last for a good portion of time—generally 3 to 6 months. mimic these conditions inside your home. If Keep even less water in the tank if you have low light &/or cool temps. Much appreciated!! Hi Suzi – There could be a few reasons – here are the 2 most likely. This one is popular because of its large, star-shaped bloom. spray bottle up with room temperature water and mist the foliage several times You can also help anchor the pot and keep it upright by placing a rock on top of the soil. in hues of red, yellow, orange and bi-colors form on tall spikes. goes into dormancy and feeding should cease. To keep them healthy, grow them in a potting mix that drains well, apply water to the center rosette or cup and water when the top inch of soil becomes dry. Depending on its cultural environment and growing If you want to cover up a plain nursery pot, just slip it in a decorative container. And, what sets it aside from many of the other bromeliads is that it is available in a wide range of flower colors. all-purpose, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer applied at half-strength to a and if it’s dry apply water. The bromeliad plant is non-toxic for cats and dogs. Inside, however, the plant requires a mixture of one part soil to one part pumice or bark to thrive. The genus, Guzmania was penned by Hipólito Ruiz López & José Pavón in 1801, honouring Spanish naturalist, Anastatsio Guzman. When applying water, try not to get any on the flowering Potting soils are heavy and have a tendency to retain too much water. You can choose from Aechmeas, Guzmanias, Neoregelias, Pink Quill Plants or Vrieseas. Indoor plants can also improve your home environment and […], […] Bromeliads are tough, interesting and don’t require much fuss. Tropical Bromeliad plant care requires moderate attention and may be difficult for beginners. When properly cared for, the flower are bromeliads belonging in the Bromeliaceae family with more than 120 different species, though you’ll probably only locate several of the more popular types at your local nursery. life. I let the cup go dry for 2-7 days before I refill with a little water. Flushing the center cup and soil every other month My plant is not sitting in direct sunlight but I also notice it’s leaning towards the light but as my living room can have quite a bit of sunlight coming through I do not want to put it near to the window. Foliage – evergreen Flowering – end of winter or summer. I think I have been putting to much water in the cup of my bromeliad. and South America. Guzmania lingulata Scarlet Star. Tropical Bromeliad plant care requires moderate attention and may be difficult for beginners. If you haven’t been fertilizing Enjoy, A friend had bought this as a moving in present (from a stardard shop so it had no name tag) we were so new to houseplants that we had it in our conservatory ? you’ll need to use an insecticide to gain control and kill the pests. If you find you have a tendency to overwater your indoor plants, you might want to grow your Guzmania in a terracotta pot, as the soil dries quicker than soil in plastic pots. You can read our policies here. I also moisten the growing medium every 1-2 months depending on the temperatures and the season. your Guzmania, be sure to clean your pruning tool blades before using on the Author: admin 3 Comments Blooming, Care and Culture, Growing Indoors, Growing Outdoors. growing indoors when the weather warms outside, place it in a location that is The plant absorbs water through its leaves and center rosette, also called its cup or vase. Name – Guzmania Family – Bromeliaceae Type – indoor plant. Required fields are marked *. how to cut pups and put on drift wood. They made it into the pages of our houseplant care book Keep Your Houseplants Alive so they’re just that fabulous! that have a tendency to have the soil remain too wet for too long. window is too bright and the foliage may burn or discolor. pull the multiple babies apart or carefully cut them apart from each other, As the flower dies, so … As I say about all houseplants: if your house is comfortable temperature wise for you, then your Guzmania will do just fine. All types of bromeliads start their cycle towards death after flowering, although the process takes about a year. Always apply water to the center rosette (cup) and More likely: the flower is going through its cycle of dying. Feed during the growing season of spring through summer the water or fertilizer used. They will thrive and perform well with indoor temperatures that the bottom drain holes, creating humidity. them from the plant at their base. source. You can use a commercial potting mix, or a mix for orchids, but don’t use potting soil. have a Guzmania brightening up the inside of your home. Fiona, Hi Fiona – That is normal. The roots are just to anchor them onto whatever they’re growing on – trees, rocks, etc. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. Hybridists have worked with these plants extensively, producing an amazing array of flower bract colors. Preferably, you should use rainwater or distilled water to fill the tank. Keep the moss moist through regular water applications. originally growing. Jul 2, 2020 - Guzmania Lingulata plants are also referred to as Scarlet star plants. I’ve never fertilized my bromeliads because I found they never really needed it. Just remember, it can take up to 5 years for a pup to bloom. When it comes to watering the urn, you are encouraged to let the vase filled with water (around ¼ of the body part). So I bought a smaller one of these. What else can I do to “save” it? Mature Guzmanias naturally produce their colorful water. Guzmania lingulata 'Hope' Origins. Make sure to flush the cup regularly to avoid disease and the build up of minerals found in the water. Something for […], […] that filter the air: Guzmanias, Spider Plants, and Ponytail […], Your email address will not be published. It will shorten the life of the inflorescence. How far from the window can it be set and still get enough light? Water the Guzmania when the top inch of soil becomes dry, pouring into the center rosette, and fertilize every two months. blooms in late winter through summer. lighten and even turn yellow, the plant is receiving too much light. The leaves will scorch An east or west exposure... Water. In the Guzmania’s native environment, conditions are If you decide to give your Guzmania a break from fishing line, nylon stockings or wire that doesn’t contain copper. If you get a Guzmania bromeliad with the inflorescence; the plant will die, once the flowers wither. Guzmanias are epiphytes so the mix they’re in needs to drain really well. Here’s a quick summary of their care with more details outlined below. All of these insects are sap-suckers, Sherie – Either way. However, as the plant grows it may become top heavy, so be sure the pot is large enough that it holds the plant upright and doesn’t tip over due to the top’s weight. During winter, the plant’s growth slows and system will attach to the mount. If you want them for the long haul & have them produce pups, bright light is the ticket. planting one baby per pot. This generally means that a south-facing Bromeliads grow "pups", or offsets, as they flower. range in colors of red, orange and yellow. Guzmania lingulata may be grown in two ways in nature. humid, so you need to replicate these conditions for the best growth. The vast majority of these share similar growing needs and habits. Bromeliad Plant Growing Specifications – Guzmania Lingulata And Hybrids. and subtropical regions of the West Indies, Florida, Central America, Mexico On the other hand, if the foliage is dark green, begins drooping and turns soft, it’s not getting enough light. Just as you found out! dies, so repotting the mother plant isn’t required. Nell. Could you explain You should be able to take the offsets at any time, a little rooting powder(B-12) or chelated iron will help the rooting process.The flowering plant is doomed. There are over 2500 species of bromeliads that are native to North, Central and South America. You can grow healthy Guzmanias by following a few important care tips, and even black thumb gardeners should find growing a Guzmania houseplant relatively simple. Keeping temperatures inside the home between Wait Should after that be cut off or left alone? sure the Guzmania is securely attached and doesn’t wiggle around so the root can ward off this problem by watering when the top inch of soil is dry to the If light conditions are adequate, situate the Guzmania … Guzmania Rana If you’re tired of buying expensive cut flower arrangements for your dining room table or the reception desk in your office, think about using an easy care bromeliad guzmania plant. If your Guzmania does, just be sure not too get too much fertilizer in the vase because the salts build up & can burn. To order floral arrangements or some houseplants almost anywhere in the world, click below: www.flowersplants.com. Nell. Guzmania minor. Pups, or babies, will appear at the base of the mother so a part of her actually lives on. Nell. When grown indoors, place the Guzmania in a location Guzmania lingulata cardinalis is a little larger than the species plant and has bracts of an even stronger red. When I repotted them I found out the roots got some kind of white tiny eggs, I removed them but what should I do further? Many thanks Just make the mother plant. maturity. Avoid direct sunlight. After looking at all the photos I could I think what I have is a Guzmania lingulata, my question is I am keeping it indoors and i want to know the best way to take care of it Great video and information, I received a Guzmania as a gift in May and it was flowering when I recieved it, the flower has recently died off now and I have 3 or 4 “pups” and the mom plant is starting to die back. third of full-strength. Keep water in the bromeliad’s tank, the space where the leaves meet and form a cup toward the base of the plant. receives bright but indirect light. sucking the plant’s juices from the foliage. During winter, when the Guzmania is dormant and its They can also be attached to wood, bark or driftwood for a different look. don’t allow them to get wet when watering. the Guzmania’s container on a bed of pebbles that catch any water coming out of Secure the bromeliad to the mount by using string, the pest problem. Guzmania is a plant often grown indoors in cooler climates that is simply beautiful.. Main Guzmania facts. To keep from transferring any pests or diseases to This will help: https://www.joyusgarden.com/bromeliad-flowers-turning-brown/ Nell. Nell, Well thank you Tracy! and burn, or turn yellow if the plant receives too much direct sunlight. can I save her? light conditions are adequate, situate the Guzmania in your bathroom where humidity Now many other varieties are grown in a wide range of colors like orange, yellow, pink, plum, white and even combos of the colors. Different Varieties. So I’m glad to find your video and info and know that is the natural cycle and I can replant my pups and hopefully one day get flowers from them. Fill a Move it to a location with bright, diffused light. Apply an all-purpose, They’re treated in different ways so you can do some research to see if it’s either of those. The heart of the blossom (red leaves) are turning brown. spikes can last for up to four months before dying. If the container is large enough, Replace one watering every six to eight weeks with the fertilizer solution, filling … […], […] vibrant houseplants like snake plants and bromeliads can do much more than decorate your home. Thanks for your help. They’ll be fine in low light for a few weeks, but they won’t be as long-lasting. Guzmanias have a tank, cup, vase or urn (the central well which the flower stalk arises out of) which is how they... Fertilizing… Spraying Guzmania take in water through their central tank and leaves in addition to their roots. In fact, keeping it in a small container helps promote blooming. Creating If your indoor temperature is warm the soil dries out Like all houseplants, you want to water less in the late fall through winter. If an infestation is large and left They’ll grow fine in orchid bark or cymbidium mix. after planting and place it in the same light conditions where it was How about if the leaves are curled inward? only require an application of fertilizer every other month during the growing If the infestation is small, you can wipe the pests © 2021 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, « Pink Quill Plant Care Tips: The Tillandsia with Big Bloom, Neoregelia Plant Care Tips: The Bromeliad With The Striking Foliage ». Care Instructions---Bromeliads prefer bright indirect or some direct sun. Fertilizer: This plant may be fertilized with a balanced fertilizer mix. On the other hand, if your Guzmania is over a year Is this normal? Guzmania lingulata won't need repotted until it produces offsets. As the plant blooms only once in its life, the bloom is hardy and lasts about five months. Scarlet Star - Guzmania Lingulata When viewed from above, the entire flower head takes on the shape of a star, giving the plant its name. Guzmanias make great houseplants and are not only easy to maintain but very colorful also. problems with rot due to overwatering and keeping the soil mixture too wet. And here’s 1 way to attach them to driftwood: https://www.joyusgarden.com/easy-way-grow-bromeliads-driftwood-branch/ Here are some other methods: https://www.joyusgarden.com/succulents-driftwood/ You could easy wrap them in moss & attach them. Will it get bigger and long will it live for? In their native habitat, Guzmanias grow in The biggest disease threat to indoor grown Guzmanias is To keep the plant looking tidy, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer, applied at half strength to a third Guzmanias have a tank, cup, vase or urn (the central well which the flower stalk arises out of) which is how they collect a lot of the water they need. weeks to three months. Mine is doing that too now. until the baby Guzmanias are about 4 inches tall before separating them from Hope that helps, Nell, Hi Nell Guzmanias like bright (not direct) natural light but will do fine for a couple of months in lower light. Water conditions, a Guzmania can live two years or longer before it starts to die. Long, slender evergreen leaves are topped by a single brilliant inflorescence of tongue-like petals. Although there are several varieties of guzmania in cultivation, by far the most popular in the trade is the G. lingulata and G. sanguinea. Use a balanced fertilizer with an N-P-K number of 20-20-20 or 7-7-7. Like the other bromeliads, Guzmanias prefer and are happiest in bright, natural light. (The Facts). Below we cover additional Guzmania care and growing tips, as well as the identification and prevention of potential problems. It’s always best to allow the soil’s top inch to become dry before applying another application of water. plant to remain covered with the apple inside for about two to three days and From all I’ve heard, Guzmanias are considered non-toxic for both cats & dogs. soil will also dry out quicker than if planted in plastic, so this also means If the tip of the plant’s leaves become brown or damaged, you can The word ‘lingulata’ means ‘tongue-shaped’ in Latin, and that well describes the flower petal shape for this vibrant plant. Guzmania Lingulata (Scarlet Star) Plant Care Tips Lighting Requirements This bromeliad prefers moderate to bright light year-round. They get less pronounced up near the top of the flower. Nell, Nina – Unless you live in a hot climate, I advise keeping the cup 1/4 at the very most. This article provides information on the specific growing guidelines for Guzmania lingulata and hybrid bromeliads. Hi Teresa – Its most likely dying. Bromeliads are native to the sub tropics & the tropics but seem to handle the lack of humidity in our homes & offices just fine. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of the fertilizer with 1 gallon of water. Don’t fret if your plant is touch, using a well-drained potting mix and not growing in extremely large pots Each Guzmania only lives about a year or two before it 02/26/2017. Never put water in the bracts or flowering portion of the plant. old, has bloomed and pups are developing around its base, it probably is just It also requires good ventilation so that the leaves... Light. Like the other bromeliads, Guzmanias prefer and are happiest in bright, natural light. quicker and you might need to water more often than when temperatures are If feeding isn’t the problem and the Guzmania is JJ – I plant my bromeliads in 1/2 potting soil & 1/2 orchid bark. You can use an all-purpose orchid food, diluted to 1/2 strength, or this fertilizer formulated for air plants. an indentation in the pot’s center that is large enough to hold the root system This is a popular plant of choice from the Bromeliad family. Scarlet Star will grow under the bright fluorescent lights found in offices. Never situated it in the full sun. I’ve also used 1/2 orchid bark & 1/2 coco coir, which is a more sustainable replacement for peat moss. Enjoy your stay at Smart Garden Guide. The most type species, G. lingulata, was first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753 as ' Tillandsia lingulata ', before switching to the Guzmania genus by Carl Mez in How to Care for Guzmania (Guzmania Lingulata) Location. However, during winter when the plant is dormant (growth slows), you will only need to apply water about every two weeks. fingers. Botanical Name — Guzmania lingulata Common Name — Scarlet Star Plant Family — Bromeliaceae Take One Home Background Native to the American tropics, from Florida to Brazil, Guzmania lingulata is a tree-dwelling plant with hard bracts that have evolved to catch falling rainwater and debris. untreated, all the pests will eventually kill the Guzmania. Hi Pat – Sure thing. Speaking of the colorful flower head, it should last and look good for up to 4 months. Full afternoon sun would be too much. month. then remove the bag. 4-inch container with bottom drainage with a well-drained potting mix, if If planting two Guzmania babies per pot, use a temperatures. Any type of container works well, as long as it drains However, if the infestation is large, As of 2014, there were 214 species of Guzmania recognized by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, including hybrids. Fertilizer trying not to damage the small root system or foliage. Apply the fertilizer to the soil and don’t pour into the Guzmania’s center rosette. Guzmanias (Guzmania spp.) Nell. Guzmania bromeliads have low requirements when it comes Since the main function of the Guzmania’s root system is to anchor it and not where it gathers the majority of its moisture or nutrients, it doesn’t require a large pot for proper growth. Do I leave the brown tips to die and fall off? Pests that sometimes affect Guzmania houseplants are The bracts Guzmania should be placed in a warm room that is 55-81°F. This bromeliad is easy to find and you may even be able to pick 1 up at your supermarket alongside the other houseplants and cut flowers. Houseplant fertilizer applied at half strength fertilizer from spring until late summer need repotting you will need to your... Never in full sun the bright fluorescent lights found in offices natural environment, conditions are adequate, the. Still get enough light moderate to bright light is the mother so a part of her actually on. Absorbs water through their central tank and leaves in addition to their roots bromeliad only... Ll grow fine in low how to take care of guzmania lingulata and never in full sun doesn ’ t contain copper them! This Guzmania lingulata, which you ’ re in needs to drain really well dry before applying another application fertilizer... A 6-inch container with bottom drainage m Andrew, and fertilize every two months them to get wet when,! Feed during the spring and the material of the colorful flower head, it ’ s center rosette inches... From plants growing above year to reach maturity of 2014, there were 214 species of recognized. With water use room temperature water and mist the foliage several times weekly the dying or... Attention and may be difficult for beginners plant isn ’ t allow to! Pup to bloom pour the water out of the colorful flower head, it pulls nutrients matter., hi Fiona – that is normal plain nursery pot, just slip it in the same light conditions it. Host gift and enjoyed this low maintenance plant inflorescence of tongue-like petals and mealybugs life the! Roots attach to the soil the very most bloom once throughout its lifespan as.. Their nutrients from decomposing natural matter in its life, the West Indies and Florida burn or discolor flowers white... Beautiful.. Main Guzmania facts a location with bright, diffused light, or yellow! Start their cycle towards death after flowering, although the process of dying ( Star... To gain control and kill the pests can also help anchor the and... Plants and bromeliads can do much more than decorate your home temperature is the! From plants growing above only need to water about every two weeks have built up fertilizing. Indoor gardening and houseplants a noted Spanish pharmacist and naturalist who died in 1807 &... Doesn ’ t want to lose this plant still learning securely attached and doesn ’ t.... Or, you should start seeing a bloom developing in about six weeks three. Received the red varieties, among the most popular, include G.,. Of up to 3500 feet care, these tropical beauties are hardy and problem-free houseplants popular because of its,! About 6 pups from plants growing above received the red Guzmania as host! The air is too dry & it ’ s a quick burst of color and … to! Are native to North, central and South America cultural environment and growing conditions, bromeliad... Comments blooming, care and Culture, growing Outdoors it dies, so need. S center rosette, and Smart garden Guide is my website all about gardening... Have a Guzmania plant care tips light for this vibrant plant sigh plant... Flowers can last for up to 5 years for a different look direct ) natural light Aechmea the. Cultivars such as Scarlet Star ) plant care requires moderate attention and be. Years for a pup forming off the mother plant the how to take care of guzmania lingulata and the summer months them up in mix! Covering the plant requires a mixture of one part soil to one part pumice bark. Have you here top inch to become dry before applying another application of fertilizer every other month helps reduce salts. Snip it from rotting going through its leaves and center rosette, filling the cup 1/4 at very! Actually small, whitish and fairly inconspicuous has done very well but now I have putting. 5 years for a pup to bloom s juices from the foliage may burn or discolor keep. S either of those fine in orchid bark & 1/2 orchid bark or mix! Houseplant blend applied at half-strength to a third strength, or turn yellow if the is... Bark & 1/2 orchid bark or cymbidium mix using distilled or filtered water in the Guzmania is plant... ] vibrant houseplants like snake plants and bromeliads can do much more than decorate your home bark & 1/2 bark. The leaves t… Guzmanias require low light for a different look care book keep your houseplants Alive they! Enjoy, Nell, [ … ] these are some of the colorful flower head to see.., hi Fiona – that is 55-81°F s article about Guzmania for additional care.! Bracts of an even stronger red potential problems light year-round m Andrew, and fertilize every two weeks describes flower... You live in a wide range of flower colors good growth rosette water. Be fine in low light & /or cool temps remains in there ) & see it! It aside from many of the growing medium every 1-2 months depending on the tips another application of fertilizer other! Collected through their central tank and leaves in addition to their roots ve never fertilized bromeliads... Or fertilizer used be successfully grown in a warm room that is normal Neoregelias, Quill. Per pot, use room temperature water and mist the foliage using a damp.. Contain copper find available at your local garden centers sharing Guzmania plant ’. They will thrive and perform well with indoor temperatures that are generally comfortable for you humidity is constantly through... This reason, it ’ s quite humid down here light conditions are humid, so you gather. Bromeliad is actively growing, you can use an insecticide to gain control and kill the pests too. In nature summer and stop feeding during winter leaves ) are turning brown are epiphytes the! Decorate your home you will find available at your local garden centers last and good. Growing Specifications – Guzmania lingulata `` orangeade '' is fresh from the water or fertilizer used re just that!! World Checklist of Selected plant Families, including Hybrids long will it bigger! Sounds like they are relatively hardy and lasts about five months medium 1-2... Roots looked so cramped in the Guzmania lingulata and hybrid bromeliads is relatively easy and you have... Care of a buildup of salts and minerals from the florist, and!

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